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    Join Virginia Beach 4-H , article

    The 4-H year is from October 1 to September 30. All club enrollments start on October 1st; however, many clubs accept new members throughout the year. Now is the perfect time to explore new 4-H club, camp, and program opportunities.

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    Asian Giant Hornet
    Asian Giant Hornet , article

    Information has recently been released about the Asian Giant Hornet coming to the United States. At this time, it is not in Virginia. Check here for more information and updates on this pest.

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    Resources , article

    New resources available in agriculture, horticulture, 4-H youth development, and family and consumer sciences.

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    gardening pattern
    Gardening , article

    We have many online and in-person resources to help you get prepared for this growing season! Visit our list of upcoming classes here. We also have many publications to meet your lawn and landscape needs on our Educational Resources page