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4-H Youth Development

4‑H welcomes kids of all beliefs and backgrounds, giving them a voice to express who they are and how they make their lives and communities better. 

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​​​​​About 4-H 

4-H  is the youth development program of the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service conducted by Virginia Tech and Virginia State Universities. It is an informal, hands-on education approach focusing on building lifelong learning skills that develop youths' potential through community clubs, special-interest groups, camps, in-school programs, and various project areas.

4-H Newsletter

Virginia Beach 4-H 

The Virginia Beach 4-H Youth Development program serves the youth in our community, ages 5-19. Our program has a rich history and a bright future. Virginia Beach 4-H consists of 4-H Clubs, 4-H Programs, School Enrichment, and popular 4-H Camps. The sustainability of the program comes from strong community partnerships, dedicated adult volunteers, teachers, and the power of our youth. 


4-H Award Opportunities

Virginia Beach Outstanding 4-H Member Award 

To be eligible for Outstanding City-wide Member Award, 4-H'ers must fall within the top 50% of thier age group (junior, intermediate and senior). To be eligible for the Herbert W. Ozlin Award, members must fall within the top 25% of their age group. Seniors (15-18) who are recipients of the Herbert W. Ozlin Award are eligible for the I Dare You Award, which is presented to no more than two senior 4-H members annually. 4-H'ers may only receive the I Dare You award once during their 4-H career. 

View the current 4-H application HERE or click the link below. Applications for 4-H awards open in the Fall of each 4-H programming year.