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Mid-Atlantic Strawberry Program 2021

2021 Mid-Atlantic Strawberry School

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2021 Mid-Atlantic Strawberry Field Walk

Strawberry Field Playlist-CLICK HERE

Introduction to 2021 Mid-Atlantic Strawberry Programs- Flanagan, VCE

Hickory Ridge Farm, Chesapeake, VA- Samtani, VT

Weed Control with Fumigants- Fennimore, UC Davis

Brookdale Farm, Virginia Beach, VA- Flanagan, VCE

Insect and Mite Pests in Strawberry- Lahiri, UF

Mid-Atlantic Strawberry Programs Sponsors- Flanagan & Parrish, VCE

Fertility 101 for Annual Hill Spring Strawberry Plasticulture- Hoffman, NCSU

Critzer Family Farms, Afton, VA- Sharpe, VCE

Epidemiology and Management of Strawberry Anthracnose- Rahman, WVU

Cedar Stretch Farms, Hertford, NC- Baugher & Eure, NCCE

Introduction to AgrAbility Virginia- Niewolny et al., VT

Threeway Farms, Warsaw, VA- Romelczyk, VCE

Fertility monitoring and petiole sampling of Strawberry- Foster, NCDA

Mann Farms, Scott County, VA- Jerrel, VCE

Update on Neopestalotiopis spp. Affecting FL strawberry- Peres, UF

Stacy Family Farms, Marietta, Ohio- Stacy Family

Updates on Resistance Management and Canopy Weather Variables Related to Disease Infections- Hu and Schoeneberg, UMD

Adams Acres, Dinwiddie, VA- Parrish, VCE

Use of new technologies for pest management- Del-Pozo, VT

Yoder Family Farms, Rustburg, VA- Yoder Brothers

The Physiology of the Strawberry Plant- Durner, Rutgers

Bush N Vine Farm, York, SC- Rollins, SCCE

How to make an Inexpensive Hoe for Efficient Weeding, “Recycled Strap Hoe” Weeds beware!- Brennan, USDA-ARS

Thank You Video- Flanagan & Parrish, VCE

Furrow Cover Crops for “Greener” Strawberries and other Plastic Mulched Crops- Brennan, USDA-ARS


Lessons from long-term, cover crop research in the salad bowl of the World- Brennan, USDA-ARS


Welcome from the Virginia Strawberry Association President- Wegmeyer