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Become a 4-H Volunteer

The Virginia Beach 4-H program looks to volunteers to help our young people learn the skills they need to prepare for their futures while also having fun!

More than 14,000 volunteers worked with Virginia youth last year — helping them learn by doing. In 4-H, you can help youth have opportunities to master life challenges, cultivate independence with guidance from caring adults, gain a sense of belonging within a positive group, and share a spirit of generosity with others.

Volunteers are essential to help youth make the most of these learning opportunities. According to recent research, youth who are provided with positive adult interactions grow to become strong, confident young adults (Tufts University, 2006).

As a Volunteer You Can...

  • Lead youth within school-based, after-school, and camp settings and in community clubs
  • Serve as a chaperone, board member, judge, or camp counselor
  • Develop and support community service opportunities for youth to make a difference in their communities
  • Teach youth using research-based university curricula
  • Work with other adults to create fun, new programs for youth

Share Your Interests

If you are interested in leading a project-based club, you can share your expertise to provide young people with learning opportunities as varied as rocketry, GPS mapping, public speaking, agricultural science, photography, community service, and so much more.

Using research-based 4-H project curriculum, you will have the resources to learn as you teach. Either way, you will have the support you need from your local Virginia Cooperative Extension office.

You can also create a new project-based club and invite other youth and adults to join you in learning about that topic in your community.

Join with Your Family

Interested in joining 4-H with your children? Families involved in 4-H report that they work better together by scheduling time to focus on developing communication skills, setting goals, and experiencing family-wide learning opportunities.

A Perfect Fit

With a variety of flexible options, you can decide your level of involvement, based on your skills and time available.

Become a 4-H Volunteer in Virginia Beach

Screening Process for Occasional/One-Time 4-H Volunteer

  1. Complete the 4-H Volunteer Enrollment - Short Form and Standards of Behavior Form 
  2. Send completed forms to the Virginia Beach 4-H Agent.

Screening Process for High Trust 4-H Volunteers*

  1. Contact the 4-H Extension Agent
  2. Complete the 4-H Volunteer Application on 4HOnline
  3. Interview – 4-H Agent will make personal contact with the applicant to explore interests, skills, and to determine fit of the applicant with the volunteer position.
  4. Reference Checks – up to three references may be contacted by phone, email, or mail to provide information about the applicant’s professional, personal, and community experience.
  5. Criminal Background Screening* – National Criminal Index Search, National Sex Offender Registry Search, Name, SSN, and DOB, validation with address history verification, County or Statewide Level Criminal Search. *Repeated every three years (annually for 4-H camp volunteers).
  6.  Attend 4-H Volunteer Leaders Training -  Contact the 4-H Extension Agent to register. 

*High Trust 4-H Volunteer Positions

  • 4-H Volunteers that provide direct supervision to 4-H youth programs, handle 4-H club funds or transport youth
  • 4-H Camp Volunteers, 18 years of age and older (must be completed annually)
  • Master Volunteers
  • Volunteers in Positions of Trust (working with youth, seniors, those with disabilities, handling funds** or unsupervised access to VCE equipment/facilities).

**Case by case basis. Contact the 4-H Extension Agent if you are applying as a High Trust Volunteer solely due to funds handling. 

Current Needs:

  • Cloverbud 4-H Club Leaders
  • Teen Club Leaders
  • In-school 4-H Club Leaders
  • After School Club Leaders
  • Special Interest Group (S.P.I.N.) Leaders